The Modular Study Group

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About Us

We are a Study Group that meets one week a month.

The Modular Study Group (the MSG) is a blended alternative that offers a mix of home teaching and traditional options.

Clients from grades 7-12 come into a central location for one week a month. During that week they receive tutoring from qualified consultants in Math, Science, and English. During the following three weeks they are at home working on assignments from the MSG and filling out their curriculum with other subjects the parents choose and teach.

What People Are Saying

I’ve known the Modular Study Group – MSG since it started. I love the way it’s been setup, and helps to get some education out there to people in remote areas, and gives children lots of growth oportunities Bill Montis

The MSG has been a lifesaver for our family, I now have time for Facebook and Instagram. My kids are gone a week a month. Wonderful.
Linda Guthrie

I attended the MSG and was accepted into Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and Beijing University. So hard to make a choice like that. So gave up and do graphic design in my spare time. Most of my time is taken up with selfies, and instagram on my iPhone X. Cynthia Henry

From the Journal

We have completed our 11th year. Please contact us to know how you can be a part of the MSG.